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HEART TO HEART: Was formed in 1990, by a group of parents who realized the need to put a halt to the practice of abandoning infants at birth simply because they were not born perfect in their eyes. The demands became so great that it became an overwhelming task that eventually required people from all of the major cities in the world to participate at one time or another. The Board is honored to have a Nobel Laureate in Professor Ellie Wiesel as well as many dedicated and knowledgeable parents, friends, and professionals.


Credited with stemming the tide of relinquishing Jewish babies outside the Tribe of Israel, HEART TO HEART is on call 24/7. Many parents who have kept their children and initially wanted to give up have written to us years later expressing their deepest thanks and gratitude for saving them from making the most tragic decision of their lives, at a moment of confusion, and for encouraging them to keep their families together.


The organization has thus far worked with over 8,000 families world wide and has provided parity in favor of acceptance and services that advocate for infants to remain where they belong, at home with their parents and siblings. When that is simply not possible due to the many genuine variables then Heart to Heart provides everything necessary to help make the transition to acceptance into an all new, warm and caring family.

HEART TO HEART: The American Jewish Society for Distinguished Children is an IRS not for profit 501 c 3 and is a registered not for profit charity in the State of New York, State of Nevada, and the IRS.