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Organization Goals

Stage 1 To open a girls seminary education center in Israel for high school graduates from English speaking countries around the world. This will be an advanced educational opportunity for girl's to attend a center by going away to school at the appropriate time in their lives just as their siblings do to college and seminary. This includes alternative communal service to fulfill the requirement of military obligation.


Stage 2 To 0pen a boys learning center/yeshiva to offer a variety of age appropriate educational, social, and vocational opportunities in an atmosphere that fosters supervised independence, personal growth, and self reliance all in a safe, secure, and caring environment. This includes military service in the Israeli Army.


Stage 3 Assistive living residential apartment dwelling centers offering full time service management, counselors, and security in a full time long term living module that offers parents a sense of comfort knowing that their children will be developing up to their potential in a safe, secure, and socially stimulating communal setting that provides the foundation for involvement and acceptance.


Stage 4 Vocational training centers offering hands on opportunities in industry, health care aides, restaurant and hotel trade, animal care and garden management in order to further develop many abilities and aptitudes already inherent in many of the population.