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Heart to Heart Staff

Heart to Heart staff have all been working in the field on behalf of children born with special needs for many years. Our director has been working in the field since 1964 and all of the regional directors and social workers have been with the organization since the founding in January of 1990.

Board of Directors and Advisory Boards:

This is a dedicated group of individuals who all believe in the goals of the organization. These caring friends of our diverse population are a Nobel Prize Laureate, a Judge who sits on the Supreme Court of New York, several physicians who currently serve as the Chief, Director, or Chairman of their respective specialties of medicine in hospitals and universities, University Professors as well as Department Chairman, Award winning entertainers, performers, lawyers, and religious leaders who represent our constituency from every corner of the globe.
This then is a diverse grouping of professionals and leaders in their own fields of endeavor as well as being dedicated to the continuing increased inclusion of all children in our community in education, socialization, and full participation.


Scientific Advisory Board

Aron Adler, MD
Private Practice
Specializing in the care of infants and
Brooklyn, New York

Chaim Backman, RPT
Physical Therapist with a specialty in
Special Needs Children
Brooklyn, New York

Tzvi Lang, DC, Chiropractor
Specializing in conservative management of physically
disabled children and published researcher

Baruch Levin, MD
Chief Anesthesiology
Philadelphia General Hospital

Michoel Carciente, MD
Board Certified, Neurology
Brooklyn and the Bronx, New York

Rabbi Gershon Glickman, Dean, Tomchei T'mimim
Elementary School and full inclusion Chedar
Manchester, England

Richard Golinko, MD
Chief Pediatric Cardiology
Mt. Sinai Hospital

David Noll, RPh, MBA
Past President
Pharmacology Association of
South Africa

Philip Kazlow, MD
Board Certified Pediatric Gastroenrology

Columbia Presbyterian Babies Hospital

Chana Lazaroff, R.PT
Baltimore, Maryland

Joseph Levy, MD
Pediatric Digestive Disorder Clinic
Columbia Presbyterian Babies Hospital

George Moskowitz, MD
Private Practice specializing in infants
and children
Brooklyn, New York

Siegfried M. Pueschel, MD,PhD,MPH,JD
Director of the Developmental Center
Brown University Hospital

Professor Yaakov Rand, PhD
Chairman Department of Educational
Bar Ilan Universtiy

Professor Levy Reiter, PhD
Director of Audiology
Hofstra University, New York

Eli Rosen, MD
Private Practice of Medicine
Specializing in Family Medicine
Brooklyn, New York

Reuven Rosenstein, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Detroit General Hospital

Joseph Wahba, MD
Private Practice of Medicine
Specializing in Family Medicine
Brooklyn, New York

Professor Mark Young, MD
Board Certified, Physiatry
Johns Hopkins University

Baruch Levin, MD
Board Certified, Anesthesiology
Philadelphia General Hospital

Rabbinical Advisory Board:

Rabbi Manis Friedman
Author, Lecturer,
Director Machon Chana

Rabbi Benyomin Lisbon
Kashrus Administrator
Los Angeles, California

Rabbi Dr. Chaim Dovid Kagan
Director, Girls High School
Monsey, New York

Ha Rav Y. Neuwirth, Shlita
Author, Shmiras Shabbos K'hilchosa

Rabbi Immanuel Shochet
Author of many books on
The Chassidic Dimension

Rabbi Y.Y. Simpson
Dean of United Lubavitch Yeshiva
Tomchei T'mimim
Crown Heights, New York

Cantor Moshe Teleshevsky
Known as the Rebbe's Chazan


Email & Phone

Rabbi Eliezer M. Goldstock
International Director
718 774 1520

Mrs. Chana T. Goldstock
718 774 1520

Siggy Berger - Regional Director - 201 486 1492
Mrs. Siggy Berger serves as our regional director and lives with her husband David who is a Vice President with Bank of America and their 9 children, 3 of whom they have adopted.

Suri Regensberg, MSW
917 573 4889

Don Goodman - Director of Community Relations
Reb Don Goodman has worked for Ohel Childrens Services for the past decade and has volunteered for years to improve the lives of all of our children.

Advisory Board

Elie Wiesel
Nobel Laureate
Professor, Boston University

Mr. Jonathan Friedman
Chairman of the Board

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Aronow
Vice President

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Aronow

Mr. Ira Heller

Debra Spayer, Esq.
Attorney at Law, Philadelphia
Of Counsel

Ms. Susie Grama
Media Relations

Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Rabinowitz, CPA

Rabbi and Mrs. Benjamin Steinmetz
Kashrus Supervision

Rabbi Kalman Tiefenbrun
Chassidic Artist

Asher White, Esq
Of Counsel

Mr. Stephen Polter, Esq
Of Counsel

Mrs. Henna White
Jewish Liaison
Brooklyn District Attorney

Professionals and Staff

Gerald David, PhD
former, Director of Clinical Services

Suri Regensberg, MSW
Social Worker
Down State University Hospital

Mrs. Siggy Berger
Regional Director
Specialist in adoptive and temporary
care for children
with special needs

Mr. Don Goodman
Director of Community Relations

Mrs. Chana Goldstock
Co founder

Rabbi Eliezer M. Goldstock, PhD
Co founder
International Director

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